Aruga Technologies

Aruga is a medical device company that integrates a new nature-inspired, surface technology into the design of synthetic vascular reconstruction devices. Aruga inspired vascular devices are engineered to have a doubled implant lifetime due to their ability to harness nature's mechanisms and keep blood clot buildup from depositing on the blood contacting surface. Aruga’s TopoGrafts have the potential of unparalleled performance and value to patients, surgeons, and hospitals which continue to put emphasis on preferred outcomes at affordable costs.

Customer Problem

Cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of mortality in the world. Surgical interventions, in the form of bypass surgeries, are among the mainstay therapies. Access to durable prosthetic vascular grafts that can be used in any vascular location has been the holy grail of vascular surgery for some time. There is a need for a new generation of artificial grafts that can be used in dialysis access, coronary artery bypass (CABG), and peripheral revascularization.


Our device is an artificial blood vessel that will be made of FDA-approved materials approved for blood contact, with interior lumen surface topography. Once surgically implanted in the cardiovascular circuit, the interior lumen surface topography will change from wrinkled to smooth with every beat of the heart. This changing wrinkling pattern continuously keeps the surface clean and increases the longevity of the implant.

Target Market

Aruga’s first major market is dialysis access interventions. An arteriovenous (AV) graft is the synthetic implant puncture point where hemodialysis patients received treatment (typically an implant in their arm). The global AV graft market is expected to be $450M by 2022 and is continuing to grow. Additionally, TopoGraft could be used for peripheral or coronary bypass surgeries with $3B and a $6B potential market size globally in device sales.


What is Aruga Technologies?

Topo Graph in Action

Simulation of How Surface Works

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