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A Vascular Graft Design Engineered to Mimic Native Arteries.

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Cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of mortality in the world. Surgical interventions, in the form of bypass surgeries, are among the mainstay therapies. Access to durable prosthetic vascular grafts that can be used in any vascular location has been the holy grail of vascular surgery for some time. There is a need for a new generation of artificial grafts that can be used in dialysis access, coronary artery bypass (CABG), and peripheral revascularization.

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Shouldn't vascular implants be made to work like our native arteries?...
Aruga is a medical device company that integrates a new nature-inspired, surface technology into the design of synthetic vascular reconstruction devices. Aruga inspired vascular devices are engineered to have a doubled implant lifetime due to their ability to harness nature’s mechanisms and keep blood clot buildup from depositing on the blood contacting surface. Aruga’s TopoGraft have the potential of unparalleled performance and value to patients, surgeons, and hospitals which continue to put emphasis on preferred outcomes at affordable costs.
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We're letting nature set the bar for patient outcomes.

Health Care Impacts

Aruga Technologies won second place, taking home a $25,000 prize (sponsored by an anonymous donor) for....
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The Wrinkles We Want

People often try to rid wrinkles from surfaces, like skin and clothing. But these folds make for healthy human arteries....
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Find more information on how Aruga Technologies solves major health issues in the potential 6 billion dollar industry....
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We are competing in the McGinnis Venture Competition at Carnegie Mellon University...
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